About Us

We met in 1992. We married in 1993. We went to see Singles while we were still single. We road-tripped to the soundtrack of Paul Westerberg (The Replacements), Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains.

We raised our kids to be global citizens. We pursue lifelong learning and try to do good. Our almost grown Gen Z kids work as hard as we do. We geek out about tech to minimize distractions while we spend our free time & money on music, travel and finding comfort at home. Let’s explore couplehood after kids through the lens of our Gen X tendencies!

This page is more about US than most other About pages.

One of us grew up with a magical childhood, a product of loving parents who are now celebrating wedding anniversaries in the range of 50+ years.

The other was a latchkey kid from a broken marriage who started having to cook for himself in 3rd grade and didn’t think he’d live past 20.

We based our marriage and parenting style to model the first example more than the second. Now that we’ve celebrated our 25th anniversary, it’s time to get back to our couplehood roots while still holding up our established and thriving branches of parenthood.

So glad you are along for the ride!