We met when our youngest kids were in preschool together. We’ve enjoyed this journey together watching our children grow into amazing people with their own lives. And surpassing 25 years of marriage with our respective husbands.

Now it’s time for us to write about some of the things we’ve pondered, explored, adventured, and learned over the years. This is a place for Gen X empty nesters with kids who are now in their teens or 20’s.

We get it. We get where you’re at in life. We’re there, too!

So let us help you:

  • Find fun as a couple with simple twists on the norm
    • Recipes to cook together
    • Entertainment and date ideas
  • Plan travel
    • Couples getaways
    • Family travel between generations
    • Legacy trips
  • Figure out what to do with your stuff
    • How to get rid of it
    • How to decorate it
    • How to make it meaningful

And that’s just the start!

Thanks for joining us on this adventure,

Michele & Alyssa

(And don’t be surprised if you spot some guest posts from the kids who are always teaching us stuff!)